May 1
1672 Essayist Joseph Addison was born in Milston, Wiltshire, England.
1884 Construction began in Chicago of the Home Insurance Company building, the world's first skyscraper.

Home Insurance Company Building
1886 Economist Benjamin M. Anderson was born in Columbia, Missouri.
1893 The World's Columbian Exposition opened in Chicago. It featured the first Ferris wheel.

World's Columbian Exposition
1909 Singer Kate Smith was born in Greenville, Virginia.

Kate Smith
1915 African-American Archie Williams was born in Oakland, California. In 1936 he won the gold medal in the 400-meter track race at the Berlin Olympics, refuting Hitler's theory of the superiority of Aryan athletes. He was a mechanical engineer and airplane pilot. For 22 years he trained pilots at the Tuskegee Institute, including the black air corps of WWII.

Archie Williams
1916 Actor Glenn Ford was born in Sainte-Christine, Quebec, Canada.
1918 Comedian and TV personality Jack Paar was born in Canton, Ohio.

Jack Paar
1920 Babe Ruth hit his first home run as a Yankee. It went over the roof in right field at the Polo Grounds.

Babe Ruth
1931 The Empire State Building opened as the world's tallest building.

Empire State Building
1945 Singer Rita Coolidge was born in Nashville, Tennessee.
1961 Gary Drew was born in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Gary Drew

May 2
1611 The King James Version of the Bible was published.
1859 Humorist Jerome K. Jerome was born in Caldmore, Walsall, England.
1903 Dr. Benjamin Spock, anti-war activist and authority on child care, was born in New Haven, Connecticut.

Dr. Benjamin Spock
1907 Comedian and TV star Pinky Lee (Pincus Leff) was born in St. Paul, Minnesota.
1924 Singer and actor Theodore Bikel was born in Vienna, Austria.
1946 Singer Lesley Gore was born in Tenafly, New Jersey.

Lesley Gore
1954 Stan Musial hit five home runs in two games for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Stan Musial

May 3
1689 Freeholders in Suffolk, New York, rebelled against the Dominion of New York City and ousted appointed officials.
1903 Singer, composer, and actor Bing Crosby (Harry Lillis Crosby) was born in Tacoma, Washington.
1904 NY Yankee pitcher (1930-1942, 1945-1946) Charles Red Ruffing was born in Granville, Illinois.
1921 Champion boxer "Sugar Ray" Robinson was born in Detroit, Michigan.
1937 Singer Frankie Valli was born in Newark, New Jersey.
1951 The NY Yankees scored 11 runs in the 9th inning. Gil McDougald drove in 6 of them with a triple and a grand slam home run.

Gil McDougald
1971 A massive Anti-Vietnam War demonstration, took place in Washington DC.
1983 U.S. Catholic bishops called for elimination of all nuclear weapons and a ban on nuclear war.

May 4
1776 Rhode Island spokesmen declared independence from Great Britain.
1822 President James Monroe vetoed a bill appropriating money to repair the Cumberland Road. He asserted that the federal government did not have the right to operate and hold jurisdiction over public roads or any other internal improvement.
1825 Writer T. H. Huxley was born in Ealing, England.
1826 Frederick Church, Hudson River school painter, was born in Hartford, Connecticut.

Yosemite Valley and Niagra Falls by Frederick Church
1905 Belmont race track opened in New York.

Belmonst Racetrack
1929 Actress Audry Hepburn (Edna van Heemstra Hepburn-Rusten) was born near Brussels, Belgium.

Audry Hepburn
1935 Baseball Hall of Fame center fielder Joe DiMaggio played his first game as a Yankee. He got 3 hits, drove in a run, and scored 3 runs.

Joe DiMaggio
1971 A Superior Court judge ordered the release of 12,000 people arrested by Washington DC police during a demonstration against the Vietnam war.

May 5
1862 Mexicans defeated invading French soldiers at the Battle of Puebla.
1867 Journalist Nellie Bly (nee Elizabeth Jane Cochran) was born in Cochran's Mills, Pennsylvania. She exposed the inhumane conditions that prevailed in "insane asylums" by posing as an inmate and then documenting her experiences. She was also an adventurer who traveled around the world in 72 days, out-doing Jules Verne's fictional character Phineas Fogg by 8 days.

Nellie Bly
1891 Carnegie Hall opened in New York City with a performance of works by Tchaikovsky.

Carnegie Hall
1904 Cy Young pitched the first perfect game in major-league history.

Cy Young
1913 Actor Tyrone Power was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.
1926 NY Yankee outfielder (1951-1956, 1960-1962) Bob Cerv was born in Weston, Nebraska.
1943 Comedian Michael Palin was born in Sheffield, England.

Michael Palin
1945 Denmark Liberation Day. The Nazi German army left Denmark.

May 6
1776 The Virginia convention instructed their representatives to move for independence.
1783 Negotiation for the evacuation of British troops began.
1889 The Paris Exposition, with the Eiffel Tower, opened.
1895 Movie star Rudolph Valentino (Rodolpho Alfonzo Rafaello Filiberto Guglieimi Di Valentina D'Antonguolla) was born in Castellaneta, Italy.
1915 Actor and film maker Orson Wells was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
1915 Babe Ruth hit his first major league home run for the Boston Red Sox against the New York Yankees.

Babe Ruth
1931 Baseball star Willie Mays was born in Westfield, Alabama.

Willie Mays
1947 Actor George Clooney was born at Agusta, Kentucky.
1954 Roger Bannister became the first person to run a mile in under 4 minutes.

May 7
1711 Philosopher and historian David Hume was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.
1824 Beethoven's ninth symphony premiered in Vienna, Austria.

Ludwig Van Beethoven
1833 Composer Johannes Brahms was born in Hamburg, Germany.
1840 Composer Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky was born in Vatkinsk, Russia.

Peter Tchaikovsky
1885 Western movie actor George "Gabby" Hayes was born in Stannards, New York.

Gabby Hayes
1901 Movie star Frank James (Gary) Cooper was born in Helena, Montana.
1922 Actor Darren McGavin was born in Spokane, Washington.
1931 Singer Teresa Brewer was born in Toledo, Ohio.

Teresa Brewer
1933 Football Hall of Fame quarterback Johnny Unitas was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Johnny Unitas

May 8
1794 Antoine Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry, was born in Paris, France.
1828 Jean Henri Dunant, founder of the Red Cross, was born in Geneva, Switzerland.
1869 Religious freedom was proclaimed in Spain.
1883 Philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset was born in Madrid, Spain.
1886 Dr. John Styth perfected the syrup for Coca Cola.
1899 Economist and social philosopher Friederich von Hayek was born in Vienna, Austria.

Friedrich von Hayek
1926 Comedian Don Rickles was born in Queens, New York.
1940 Peter Benchley, author of Jaws, was born in New York City.

Peter Benchley
1940 Singer Toni Tennille was born in Montgomery, Alabama.
1959 Football star Ronnie Lott was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
1968 Jim "Catfish" Hunter pitched a perfect game.

Catfish Hunter

May 9
1754 The first cartoon in America was published by Benjamin Franklin.

The first political cartoon in America and its author Benjamin Franklin
1788 A motion was made in the British Parliament to abolish the slave trade.
1860 Sir James Barrie, author of Peter Pan, was born in Kirriemuir, Scotland.
1862 General David Hunter issued orders to free all slaves in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. (Dictator Abraham Lincoln countermanded the orders on May 19, 1862.)
1928 Tennis star Pancho Gonzales was born in Los Angeles, California.
1949 Singer and songwriter Billy Joel was born in Hicksville, New York.

Billy Joel
1960 Baseball star Tony Gwynn was born in Los Angeles, California.

Tony Gwynn

May 10
1727 Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, early theorist of marginal utility, subjective value, and free trade, was born in Paris, France.

1775 Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys captured Fort Ticonderoga.

Ethan Allen and Fort Ticonderoga
1899 Dancer, choreographer, singer, actor, and movie star Fred Austerlitz (Fred Astaire) was born in Omaha, Nebraska.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
2001 Congress passed the largest tax cut in 20 years.

May 11
1752 The first fire insurance policy in the US was issued in Philadelphia.
1865 German chemist Friedrich Kekulé devised the benzene theory. The new understanding of benzene, and hence of all aromatic compounds, proved to be so important for both pure and applied chemistry that in 1890 the German Chemical Society organized an elaborate appreciation in Kekulé's honor, celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of his first benzene paper.
1888 Composer Irving Baline (Berlin) was born in Tyumen, Siberia.

Irving Berlin
1904 Surrealist painter Salvador Dali was born in Figueras, Spain.

Salvador Dali and two of his paintings
1911 Comedian Phil Silvers was born in Brooklyn, New York.
1927 Comedian Mort Sahl was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Mort Sahl
1946 Physician Robert Jarvik, who invented the artificial heart, was born in Midland, Michigan.
1987 The first heart and lung transplant was performed in Baltimore.
2008 Amari Halliday was born in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Amari Halliday

May 12
1774 Patriots met at Fauneil Hall and agreed to send food to Boston to sustain the inhabitants while the port was closed.
1775 Seth Warner and the Green Mountain Boys captured Crown Point.
1820 Nurse Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy.

Florence Nightingale
1925 NY Yankee catcher (1946-1963), Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, and philosopher Lawrence "Yogi" Berra was born in St. Louis, Missouri.

Yogi Berra
1929 Composer Burt Bacharach was born in Kansas City, Missouri.
1933 The Chicago World's fair opened.
1937 Comedian George Carlin was born in New York City.
1946 Libertarian science-fiction novelist L. Neil Smith was born in Denver, Colorado.

L. Neil Smith
1972 The Right-Wing Individualist Tradition in America series of reprints, edited by Murray Rothbard, was released by Arno Press.

Murray Rothbard

May 13
1774 The Boston Committee of Correspondence joined with other committees in urging all colonists to boycott trade with England.
1842 Composer Arthur Sullivan was born in London, England.
1914 Champion boxer Joe Louis was born near Lafayette, Alabama.
1939 Actor Harvey Keitel was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Harvey Keitel
1943 Mary Wells, Motown's first singing star, was born in Detroit, Michigan.
1950 Singer and songwriter Steveland Hardaway (Stevie Wonder) was born in Saginaw, Michigan.
1955 Mickey Mantle hit 3 consecutive home runs into the centerfield bleachers in Yankee Stadium. He hit 2 left-handed and 1 right-handed. Each one traveled more than 463 feet (the distance to the centerfield wall).
1967 Mickey Mantle hit the 500th home run of his career, a 7th-inning game-winner against the Orioles at Yankee Stadium.

Mickey Mantle

May 14
1686 Physicist Gabriel Fahrenheit was born in Danzig, Germany.
1727 Painter Thomas Gainsborough was born in Sudbury, England.

Paintings by Thomas Gainsborough
1796 Edward Jenner invented a vaccine against smallpox .
1899 NY Yankee outfielder (1924-1935) Earle Combs was born Pebworth, Kentucky.
1936 Singer and actor Bobby Darin was born in New York City.

Bobby Darin
1944 Movie maker George Lukas was born in Modesta, California.
1951 Ernie Kovacs hosted his first TV show.

Ernie Kovacs and some of the characters he portrayed on his TV show
1969 Actress Cate Blanchett was born in Melbourne, Australia.

Cate Blanchett

May 15
1776 Virginia voted for independence.
1776 The Continental Congress renounced allegiance to George III.
1856 Frank L. Baum, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, was born in Chittenango, New York.
1859 Pierre Curie, co-discoverer of radium, was born in Paris, France.
1922 The Arbitration Society of America was formed in New York City.
1937 Singer Trini Lopez was born in Dallas, Texas.
1941 Joe DiMaggio began his record-breaking 56-consecutive-game hitting streak.

Joe DiMaggio
1953 Baseball star George Brett was born in Glen Dale, West Virginia.

George Brett

May 16
1804 Elizabeth Peabody, educator, author, and publisher, was born in Billerica, Massachusetts.
1905 Actor Henry Fonda was born in Grand Island, Nebraska.
1928 Yankee infielder (1950-1953, 1955-1967) and manager Alfred Billy Martin was born in Berkeley, California.
1955 Olympic gold medal gymnast Olga Korbut was born in Grondo, USSR.
1959 Sam Snead became the first golfer to break 60 in 18-hole tournament play.

Sam Snead
1966 Pop singer and exhibitionist Janet Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana.

Janet Jackson

May 17
1749 Dr. Edward Jenner, inventor of the smallpox vaccine, was born in Berkeley, England.
1903 James "Cool Papa" Bell, Baseball Hall of Fame inductee who has been called the fastest man to ever play the game, was born in Starkville, Mississippi.

"Cool Papa" Bell
1946 Libertarian science-fiction and horror novelist and physician F. Paul Wilson was born in Jersey City, New Jersey.

F. Paul Wilson
1956 Boxing champion "Sugar" Ray Leonard was born in Wilmington, North Carolina.
1972 Soccer star Mia Hamm was born in Selma, Alabama.

May 18
1652 A law was enacted in Rhode Island that made slavery illegal in that colony.
1692 Moral philosopher Joseph Butler was born in Wantage, Berkshire, England.
1822 Civil War photographer Mathew Brady was born in Warren County, New York.

Mathew Brady
1872 Philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell was born in Trelleck, Wales.

Bertrand Russell
1912 Singer Pierno (Perry) Como was born in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Perry Como
1920 Anti-communist Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) was born in Wadowice, Poland.

Pope John Paul II
1934 Actor Dwayne Hickman, who played Dobie Gillis on TV, was born in Los Angeles, California.

Dwayne Hickman as Dobie Gillis
1937 Great third-baseman Brooks Robinson was born in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Brooks Robinson
1946 Baseball slugger Reggie Jackson was born in Wyncote, Pennsylvania.

Reggie Jackson
1970 Comedy writer and actress Elizabeth Stamatina (Tina Fey) was born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

Tina Fey

May 19
1795 Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and abolitionist Johns Hopkins was born in Bethesda, Maryland.
1884 Louis Pasteur perfected a method for treating rabies.

Louis Pasteur
1885 Shoes were mass produced for the first time (by Jan Matzelinger in Lynn, Massachusetts).
1928 Yankee infielder (1951-1960) Gil McDougald was born in San Francisco, California.

Gil McDougald
1936 Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell was published.

Margaret Mitchell and her masterpiece

May 20
1657 Rhode Island became the third colony to defy the British ban on trade with the Dutch.
1775 According to North Carolinian folklore, citizens of Mecklenburg County assembled in Charlotte on this date, and wrote a declaration of independence from Britain, known as the "Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence." If this legend is true, the declaration antedated the less freedom-seeking Resolves by eleven days and the Declaration of Independence by more than a year.
1799 Novelist Honore de Balzac was born in Tours, France.
1861 North Carolina declared its independence again by seceding from the Union on the traditional anniversary of the Mecklenberg Declaration of Independence. "The Tar Heel State, which only acted after Lincoln called for troops, became a bulwark of the Confederate defense, providing more men and supplies to the CSA and suffering more casualties than any other Southern state. In the end, most Tar Heels seceded in the name of self-defense."
1895 The US Supreme Court declared the whole income tax law unconstitutional.
1908 Actor Jimmy Stewart was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Jimmy Stewart
1916 Norman Rockwell's first cover for the Saturday Evening Post was published.

Norman Rockwell and a cover with one of his paintings
1919 Lonesome comedian George Gobel was born in Chicago, Illinois.

George Gobel
1927 Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field, Long Island on the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

Charles Lindbergh
1946 Yankee outfielder, infielder, and designated hitter (1965-1966, 1969-1974) Bobby Mercer was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
1946 Singer and actress Cher (Cherylynn Sarkisian) was born in El Centro, California.
1972 The Libertarian Party of California was founded.

May 21
1471 Renaissance painter and engraver Albrecht Durer was born in Nuremberg, Germany.

Paintings by Albrecht Durer (self-portrait on the left)
1688 Poet Alexander Pope was born in London, England.
1878 Inventor and aviator Glenn Curtiss was born in Hammondsport, New York.
1881 Clara Barton organized the American Red Cross.

Clara Barton
1927 Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris after a 37-hour, solo flight from New York.
1957 Actor Judge Reinhold was born in Wilmington, Delaware.

May 22
1570 The first atlas, with 70 maps, was published.
1813 Richard Wagner, opera composer whose music is better than it sounds, was born in Leipzig, Germany.
1844 Impressionist painter Mary Cassatt was born in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania.

Paintings by Mary Cassatt (self-portrait on the left)
1859 Arthur Connan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes stories, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.
1907 Actor, director, and theater manager Lawrence Olivier was born in Dorking, England.
1943 Baseball pitching star Tommy John was born in Terre Haute, Indiana.
1962 Man, Economy, and State by Murray Rothbard was published.

Murray Rothbard
1963 Mickey Mantle hit a home run off the facade in right field in Yankee Stadium. The ball struck the facade less than 6 feet below the roof. Experts estimate the ball would have traveled 734 feet if unobstructed. Mickey said this was the hardest he ever hit a ball.

Mickey Mantle's hardest hit home run
1970 Supermodel Naomi Campbell was born in London, England.

May 23
1707 Botanist Carl Linnaeus was born in Almhult, Sweden.
1785 Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals. He explained his invention on this day in a letter to George Whatley.

Benjamin Franklin
1910 Musician and bandleader Artie Shaw was born in New York City.
1928 Singer Rosemary Clooney was born in Maysville, Kentucky.
1954 Boxing champion Marvin Hagler was born in Newark, New Jersey.
1961 Comedian Drew Carey was born in Cleveland, Ohio.
1991 The Supreme Court of the United States upheld federal regulations that prohibit federally funded family planning clinics from providing any information about abortion.

May 24
1844 Samuel Morse telegraphed the first message from Washington to Baltimore.

Samuel Morse
1883 The Brooklyn Bridge opened.

The Brooklyn Bridge from the east
1935 At Crosley Field in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Cincinnati Reds defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 2-1 in the first night baseball game played in the major leagues.
1936 Tony Lazzeri drove in 11 runs in one game by hitting 2 grand slam home runs, a solo home run, and a 2-run triple, and, in the same game, Ben Chapman set the major league record by reaching base 7 times in 9 innings by getting 5 walks and hitting 2 doubles while the Yankees defeated the Athletics 25-2.
1941 Songwriter Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman) was born in Duluth, Minnesota.

Bob Dylan
1995 The epic libertarian movie Braveheart premiered.

May 25
1803 Libertarian philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
1878 The comic opera H.M.S. Pinafore premiered.
1878 Tap dancer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson was born in Richmond, Virginia.
1898 Heavyweight boxing champion James Joseph (Gene) Tunney was born in New York City.
1923 Libertarian writer Karl Hess was born in Washington D. C.

Karl Hess
1935 Jesse Owens broke five world records and tied a sixth at a track meet in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Jesse Owens
1969 Actress Anne Heche was born in Aurora, Ohio.
1975 Singer, songwriter, actress, and model Lauryn Hill was born in South Orange, New Jersey.

Lauryn Hill
1977 Star Wars (the good one "New Hope") was released.

May 26
1857 Dred Scott and his family were freed from slavery.
1886 Entertainer Al Jolson (Asa Yoelson) was born in St. Petersburg, Russia.
1907 Actor Marion Morrison (John Wayne) was born in Winterset, Iowa.

John Wayne
1920 Singer Peggy Lee (Norma Egstrom) was born in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Peggy Lee
1923 TV star James Arness was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

James Arness as Marshall Matt Dillon
1948 Singer Stevie Nicks was born in Phoenix, Arizona.

Stevie Nicks
1949 Singer Hank Williams Jr. was born in Shreveport, Louisiana.

May 27
1819 Julia Ward Howe, abolitionist, author, philanthropist, and author of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" was born in New York City.
1882 Lysander Spooner's "Letter to Thomas Bayard," was published in Liberty magazine.

Lysander Spooner and Liberty magazine
1894 Mystery writer Dashiell Hammett was born in St. Mary's County, Maryland.
1911 Actor Vincent Price was born in St. Louis, Missouri.
1912 Golfing great Sam Snead was born in Hot Springs, Virginia.
1922 Actor Christopher Lee was born in London, England.
1930 The Chrysler Building was opened to the public in New York City.

The Chrysler Building
1935 Jazz musician Ramsey Lewis was born in Los Angeles, California.
1935 The Supreme Court declared the National Industrial Recovery Act unconstitutional.
1936 Actor Lou Gossett, Jr. was born in Brooklyn, New York.

May 28
1888 Jim Thorpe, professional football and baseball star and winner of the 1912 Olympic Games pentathlon and decathlon competitions, was born near Prague, Oklahoma.

Jim Thorpe
1908 Ian Flemming, author of James Bond novels, was born in London, England.
1929 The first Technicolor movie premiered (On With the Show).
1944 Singer Gladys Knight was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

May 29
1736 Revolution leader Patrick Henry was born in Studley, Virginia.

Patrick Henry
1776 The Committee of Mechanics in New York urged New York delegates to vote for independence.
1865 With a few exceptions, President Andrew Johnson granted amnesty and pardons to those who fought for independence from the United States.
1874 Author G. K. Chesterton was born in London, England.
1903 Comedian Leslie Townes (Bob) Hope was born in Eltham, England.
1910 Glen Curtiss made a successful cross-country flight down the Hudson River from Albany to New York.
1939 The Bronx-Whitestone Bridge opened to traffic.

The Bronx-Whitestone Bridge
1953 Tensing Norgay and Edmund Hillary became the first to climb to the top of Mount Everest.

Tensing Norgay, Edmund Hillary, and Mount Everest

May 30
1765 Patrick Henry's resolutions asserting the right of self-government and denouncing the Stamp Act passed in Virginia's House of Burgesses after they listened to Henry's "If this be treason" speech.

Patrick Henry speaking
1814 Anarchist philosopher Mikhail Bakunin was born in Torzhok, Russia.
1886 War critic Randolph Bourne was born in Bloomfield, New Jersey.
1908 Mel Blanc, voice of many cartoon characters, was born in San Francisco, California.
1909 Band leader and musician Benny Goodman was born in Chicago, Illinois.
1939 Actor Michael J. Pollard was born in Passaic, New Jersey.

Michael J. Pollard
1943 Football Hall of Fame running back Gale Sayers was born in Wichita, Kansas.
1956 Mickey Mantle hit a 3-run home run off the facade in right field in Yankee Stadium. The ball struck the facade less than 18" below the roof.

May 31
1043 According to tradition, Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of Coventry, England, to protest taxes.

Lady Godiva protesting taxes
1775 The Mecklenburg Resolves were passed on this date in Mecklenburg, North Carolina. In the document the people declare that the king of England and his laws are “null and void” in the colonies and that the only legitimate political entity in the colonies are the “provincial” legislatures and the “Great Continental Congress.” In the end the Mecklenburg Resolves declare that the colonies, not just Mecklenburg itself, are sovereign entities independent of the king and Parliament.
1819 William Worrall Mayo, co-founder of the Mayo Clinic, was born in Manchester, England.
1930 Clint Eastwood, movie actor, director, and producer, was born in San Francisco, California.

Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates
1938 Singer and songwriter Peter Yarrow was born in New York City.
1943 Football star Joe Namath was born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.
1990 Seinfeld premiered on NBC.

The stars of Seinfeld

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