June 1
1774 This was a day of fasting and prayer to protest the Port Act.
1911 The first group insurance policy in the USA was written in Passaic, New Jersey.
1921 Composer and arranger Nelson Riddle was born in Oradell, New Jersey.

Nelson Riddle
1926 Movie star and sex symbol Norma Jeane Mortenson (Marilyn Monroe) was born in Los Angeles, California.

Marilyn Monroe
1937 Actor Morgan Freeman was born in Memphis, Tennessee.

Morgan Freeman
1939 Actor Cleavon Little (the sheriff in Blazing Saddles) was born in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

Clevon Little
1967 The Beatles album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released.
1974 Doctor Henry Heimlich's article describing a new method for aiding choking victims was published in the journal Emergency Medicine.
1980 The Cable News Network (CNN) premiered.

June 2
1835 P. T. Barnum began his first circus tour.
1840 Novelist Thomas Hardy was born in Stinsford, England.
1862 The US Congress passed a law forbidding slavery in all Federal territories.
1864 John Henry Mackay, Scotch-German individualist anarchist, was born in Greenock, Scotland.
1904 Johnny Weissmuller, Olympic gold medal swimmer and star of Tarzan movies was born in what is now Banat, Romania.
1941 Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts was born in Islington, England.

Charlie Watts
1944 Composer Marvin Hamlisch was born in New York City.
1955 Comedian Dana Carvey was born in Missoula, Montana.
1979 Pope John Paul II gave a sermon in Victory Square, Warsaw, Poland that inspired the crowd to chant, "We want God!" in defiance of their communist overlords.

John Paul II

June 3
1781 Jack Jouette rode 45 miles on horseback during the night from a tavern in Louisa County to Charlottesville in 6-1/2 hours to warn governor Thomas Jefferson and the Virginia legislature that the British were coming. He arrived at Jefferson's house just before dawn on June 4. The American revolutionary leaders escaped before Colonel Tarlton's forces raided Charlottesville.
1804 Richard Cobden, founder of the Anti-Corn Law League that ended mercantilism and established free trade, was born in Sussex, England.

Richard Cobden
1871 "Sovereignty of the Individual" by Stephen Pearl Andrews was published in Woodhul and Claflin's Weekly.

Stephen Pearl Andrews
1904 Charles Richard Drew was born in Washington D. C. He discovered how to store blood plasma and organized the blood bank system in the United States and in the United Kingdom during World War II.
1929 TV producer and Gong Show host Chuck Barris was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1932 Lou Gehrig hit 4 consecutive home runs in one game.

Lou Gehrig
1951 Singer Deniece Williams was born in Gary, Indiana.

June 4
1070 Roquefort cheese was discovered near Roquefort, France.
1896 Henry Ford made the first successful ride in an automobile.

Henry Ford
1936 Actor Bruce Dern was born in Winnetka, Illinois.
1937 Singer Freddy Fender (Baldemar Huerta) was born in San Benito, Texas.

Freddie Fender
1945 Singer and actress Michelle Phillips was born in Long Beach, California.
1975 Tabloid cover girl and actress Angelina Jolie was born in Los Angeles, California.

Angelina Jolie

June 5
1895 Actor William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy) was born in Hendrysburg, Ohio.

William Boyd
1949 Novelist Ken Follett was born in Cardiff, Wales.

June 6
1599 Painter Diego Velazquez was born in Seville, Spain.

Paintings by Diego Velazquez
1755 Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale was born in Coventry, Connecticut.
1798 The United States Congress abolished imprisonment for debt in America.
1907 Yankee catcher (1928-1946) Bill Dickey was born in Bastrop, Louisiana.

Bill Dickey
1934 Yankee outfielder Myril Hoag hit 6 singles in 6 at-bats, setting a major-league record for a 9-inning game.
1956 Tennis star Bjorn Borg was born in Sodertalje, Sweden.
1978 Proposition 13 (Jarvis-Gann) mandating a 57% cut in property taxes was acclaimed in California by a 2 to 1 majority.

June 7
1712 The Pennsylvania Assembly banned slavery in the colony.
1754 Jack Jouette, who made a historic 45-mile ride to Charlottesville, Virginia, during the night of June 3-4, 1781, to warn Thomas Jefferson and the Virginia legislature that Colonel Tarelton's British forces were about to attack, was born in Albemarle County, Virginia.
1776 Richard Henry Lee moved in Congress that "These united colonies are ... free and independent."

Richard Henry Lee
1848 Painter Paul Gauguin was born in Paris, France.

Paintings by Paul Gauguin
1862 A treaty with England ended the slave trade.
1896 Industrialist Vivien Kellems was born in Des Moines, Iowa. She refused to withhold taxes from her employees' wages unless the government named her an employee of the Internal Revenue Service and paid her a salary and reimbersed her expenses in collecting taxes.

Vivien Kellems
1909 Dr. Virginia Apgar, developer of the method used to identify newborns who need immediate medical care, was born in Westfield, New Jersey.
1917 Singer, actor, and comedian Dino Crocetti (Dean Martin) was born in Steubenville, Ohio.

Dean Martin
1947 Yankee catcher Thurman Munson was born in Akron, Ohio.

Thurman Munson
1952 Actor Liam Neeson was born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.
1958 The singer, musician, and song writer known as Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson), was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
1975 Basketball star Allen Iverson was born in Hampton, Virginia.
1981 Anna Kournikova, professional tennis player with cover-girl beauty, was born in Moscow, Russia.

Anna Kournikova

June 8
1671 Composer and violinist Tomaso Albinoni was born in Venice, Italy.
1810 Composer Robert Schumann was born in Zwickau, Germany.
1867 Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin.
1929 Comedian Jerry Stiller was born in Brooklyn, New York.
1933 Comedienne Joan Rivers (nee Joan Molinsky) was born in Brooklyn, New York.
1950 Actress Kathy Baker was born in Midland, Texas.
1957 Grove City College awarded an honorary degree, Doctor of Laws, to Ludwig von Mises.

Ludwig von Mises
1963 Actress, screenwriter, and director Hellen Hunt was born in Culver City, California.
1976 Tennis star Lindsay Davenport was born in Palos Verdes, California.
1983 Tennis star Kim Clijsters was born in Bilzen, Belgium.

Kim Clijsters

June 9
1781 George Stephenson, who developed the steam locomotive, was born in Newcastle, England.
1791 John Howard Payne, author of Home Sweet Home, was born in New York City.
1891 Composer Cole Porter was born in Peru, Indiana.
1915 Jazz and country guitarist, songwriter, and inventor Lester Polsfuss (Les Paul) was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He was the inventor of the solid-body electric guitar which made the sound of rock and roll possible.

Les Paul
1918 John Hospers, the first Libertarian Party candidate for president of the United States, was born in Pella, Indiana.
1934 Singer Jackie Wilson was born in Detroit, Michigan.

Jackie Wilson
1934 Cartoon comedian Donal Duck was born.

Donald Duck
1934 Comedian Yacov Moche Maza (Jackie Mason) was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
1939 College basketball sportscaster Dick Vitale was born in Passaic, New Jersey.
1956 Author Patricia Cornwell was born in Miami, Florida.
1961 Actor Michael J. Fox was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
1963 Actor Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter
1981 Actress Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem, Israel.

Natalie Portman

June 10
1768 John Hancock's sloop Liberty was seized by British customs men. A riot ensued, in which customs men were compelled to take refuge.
1772 Merchants, angered over high taxes, burned the revenue-cutter Gaspee near Providence, Rhode Island.
1776 The Continental Congress appointed a committee to write a declaration of independence.
1889 Oscar-winning actress Hattie McDaniel was born in Wichita, Kansas.
1922 Singer and movie star Frances Gumm (Judy Garland) was born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Judy Garland
1965 Model and actress Elizabeth Hurley was born in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England.

Elizabeth Hurley
1971 The American embargo on exporting goods to China was lifted.
1979 Pope John Paul II gave a sermon at Blonie Field in Krakow, Poland to a crowd of at least 2,000,000 people (the largest gathering in the history of Poland). The state-run media did not show the crowd, and the communist state lost whatever legitimacy it pretended to have.

John Paul II

June 11
1776 Thomas Jefferson began writing the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson
1782 British forces withdrew from Savannah, Georgia.
1864 Composer Richard Strauss was born in Munich, Germany.
1910 Jacques Cousteau, undersea explorer, inventor of the Aqualung, documentary film maker, and winner of the French Legion of Honor for his work in the Resistance during WWII, was born in St. Andre-de-Cubzac, France.
1913 Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi was born in New York City.
1939 Comic actor Jerome Silberman (Gene Wilder) was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Gene Wilder
1945 Actress Adrienne Barbeau was born in Sacramento, California.
1956 Football great Joe Montana was born in New Eagle, Pennsylvania.

Joe Montana
1994 The Russian army ended its occupation of East Germany.

June 12
1776 The Virginia Convention unanimously adopted George Mason's Declaration of Rights, which set the pattern for future state, national, and foreign bills of rights.
1839 Baseball was first played in Cooperstown, New York.

Ballpark at Cooperstown, New York
1880 Lee Richmond of the Worcester Ruby Legs pitched the first perfect game in the major leagues, against the Cleveland Indians.
1929 Teen-age diarist and Nazi victim Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany.
1939 The Baseball Hall of Fame opened at Cooperstown, New York.
1943 Sportscaster Marv Albert was born in New York City.
1974 Baseball star Hideki Matsui was born in Ishikawa, Japan.
1982 In New York City 800,000 demonstrators protested nuclear proliferation.

June 13
1611 Sunspots were discovered.
1774 The Rhode Island General Assembly passed a law that prohibited the importation of slaves as follows, "No Negro or mulato slave shall be brought into this colony, and in case any slave shall be brought in, he or she shall be, and are hereby, rendered immediately free, so far as respects personal freedom, and the enjoyment of private property, in the same manner as the native Indians."
1783 George Washington disbanded the American Army.

George Washington
1892 Actor Basil Rathbone was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.
1903 Pro Football Hall of Fame half-back and broadcaster Red Grange was born in Forskville, Pennsylvania.
1918 Cowboy movie actor Ben Johnson was born in Foraker, Oklahoma.
1953 Comedian Tim Allen was born in Denver, Colorado.
1959 Jean (Drew) Puglia was born in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Jean Puglia

June 14
1811 Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, was born in Litchfield, Connecticut.

Harriet Beecher Stowe and Uncle Tom's Cabin
1820 Quotation collector John Bartlett was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
1846 Californian settlers, led by John C. Fremont, revolted against Mexican rule and declared the Republic of California (Bear Flag Republic).
1909 Actor and singer Burl Icicle Ivanhoe Ives was born in Hunt, Illinois.
1966 The Vatican abolished the Index of Prohibited Books.
1969 Tennis star Steffi Graff was born in Bruhl, Germany.

Steffi Graff
1976 The Gong Show premiered on TV.

June 15
1215 King John, after being confronted by rebels at Runnymede, placed his royal seal on the Magna Carta, which restricted state power.
1752 Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a thunderstorm to prove that lightning is electricity.

Benjamin Franklin
1776 The Assembly of the Lower Counties of Pennsylvania declared themselves independent of British and Pensylvanian authority, thereby creating the state of Delaware.
1843 Composer Edvard Grieg was born in Bergen, Norway.
1889 Historian H. E. Barnes was born in Auburn, New York.
1898 The Anti-Imperialist League was founded at Faneuil Hall, in Boston, in opposition to annexation of the Philippines.
1904 Rush A. Webster recovered several victims of the General Slocum disaster.

Rush A. Webster
1958 Baseball star Wade Boggs was born in Omaha, Nebraska.
1968 "Confessions of a Right-Wing Liberal" by Murray Rothbard, was published in Ramparts.

Murray Rothbard
1972 The first Libertarian Party convention was held in Denver.

June 16
1723 Moral philosopher Adam Smith was born in Kirkaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland.

Adam Smith
1755 Through the efforts of Benjamin Franklin, the first nonsectarian college in America, the University of Pennsylvania, was chartered as the College, Academy, and Charitable School in Philadelphia.

Benjamin Franklin
1888 Thomas Edison perfected the cylinder phonograph.

Thomas Edison
1890 Comedian Stan Laurel was born in Ulverston, England.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy with Stan Laurel
1933 Libertarian author and Presidential candidate Harry Browne was born in New York City.
1950 Actress Sonia Braga was born in Maringa, Paraba, Brazil.
1951 Boxing great Roberto Duran was born in Chorillo, Panama.
1970 Golf pro Phil Mickelson was born in San Diego, California.

June 17
1923 Hall of Fame football player Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch was born in Wausau, Wisconsin.
1946 Singer and son writer Barry Manilow was born in Brooklyn, New York.
1972 The first Libertarian Party Platform was adopted.
1980 Tennis champion Venus Williams was born in Lynwood, California.

Venus Williams
1991 The Parliament of South Africa repealed the last remaining Apartheid law, which had divided citizens by racial categories and treated them collectively rather than according to their individual merits.

June 18
1776 Governor Trumbull proclaimed Connecticut independent of England.
1778 British troops withdrew from Philadelphia.
1913 Songwriter Samuel Cohen (Sammy Cahn) was born in New York City.
1917 Actor Richard Boone was born in Los Angeles, California.
1939 Baseball star Lou Brock was born in El Dorado, Arizona.
1942 Beatle, Paul McCartney, was born in Liverpool, England.

Paul McCartney
1972 John Hospers was nominated as the first Libertarian Party candidate for president.

June 19
551BC Philosopher Confucius was born in Lu, China.
1623 Philosopher, physicist, and mathematician, Blaise Pascal was born at Clermont-Ferrad, France.
1846 The Knickerbockers played against the New Yorkers in the first game of baseball, in Hoboken, New Jersey.
1862 Slavery was abolished in territories of the USA.
1867 The Belmont Stakes horse race took place for the first time.
1885 The statue of Liberty Enlightening the World arrived in New York.

Liberty Enlightening the World
1903 Yankee great Lou Gehrig was born in New York City.

Lou Gehrig
1952 "I've Got a Secret" premiered on TV.
1954 Actress Kathleen Turner was born in Springfield, Missouri.

June 20
1776 The Connecticut Assembly absolved people from allegiance to King George.
1861 Frederick Hopkins was born in Eastbourne, Sussex, England. He was the biochemist who discovered vitamins.
1885 Lysander Spooner's "Letter to Grover Cleveland" was published in Liberty.

Lysander Spooner and Liberty Magazine
1909 Actor Errol Flynn was born in Hobart, Tasmania.
1942 Beach Boy, Brian Wilson, was born in Hawthorne, California.

Brian Wilson
1945 Singer Anne Murray was born in Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada.
1948 Ed Sullivan's television variety hour, "Toast of the Town," debuted.
1949 Singer and songwriter Lionel Richie was born in Tuskegee, Alabama.
1953 Singer and song writer Cyndi Lauper was born in Brooklyn, New York.
1967 Actress Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Nicole Kidman
1975 The movie Jaws was released.

June 21
1903 Caricature artist Al Hirschfeld was born in St. Louis, Missouri.

Caracatures of Al Hirschfeld and My Fair Lady
1918 Yankee pitcher (1948-1955) Eddie Lopat was born in New York City.
1921 Actress Judy Holliday was born in New York City.
1947 Actress Meredith Baxter was born in Los Angeles, California.

June 22
1772 James Sommersett, a slave brought to England by his master on a business trip and kept in custody on board a ship, applied for and was granted a writ of habeas corpus. Lord Mansfield ordered him discharged, saying that no law of England sanctioned slavery.
1847 Hanson Gregory invented the ring-shaped doughnut.

Doughnut and doughnut afficionados
1884 Adolphus Greely and the few surviving members of his party were rescued, north of Greenland, after a 3-year search.
1898 Novelist Erich Maria Remarque was born in Osnabrück, Germany.
1906 Movie director Samuel "Billy" Wilder was born at Sucha Beskidzka in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
1949 Actress Meryl Streep was born in Summit, New Jersey.

Meryl Streep
1962 Basketball star Clyde Drexler was born in Houston, Texas.

June 23
1683 William Penn signed a friendship treaty with Lenape Indians in Pennsylvania.

William Penn
1772 Slavery was abolished in England.
1876 Humorist Irwin S. Cobb was born in Paducah, Kentucky.
1911 Yankee first baseman Hal Chase set a major league record by making 21 putouts in one 9-inning game.
1929 Singer June Carter Cash was born at Maces Spring, Virginia.
1940 Track star Wilma Rudolph was born in Bethlehem, Tennessee.

June 24
1813 Henry Ward Beecher, a pulpit orator, abolitionist, and brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe, was born in Litchfield, Connecticut.
1842 Ambrose Bierce, author of The Devil's Dictionary, was born in Meigs County, Ohio.

Ambrose Bierce
1895 Boxing champion William "Jack" Dempsey was born in Manassa, Colorado.
1936 Joe DiMaggio hit two home runs in one inning.

Joe DiMaggio
1942 Musician and composer Mick Fleetwood was born in Cornwall, England.
1949 Hopalong Cassidy premiered on TV.

William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy
1970 Yankee slugger Bobby Murcer tied Lou Gehrig's record of 4 consecutive home runs.
1984 Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in Paris protested the socialist government's attempt to regulate private schools.

June 25
1846 The English grain tariffs (Corn Laws) were repealed, allowing businessmen to import cheaper food for hungry people.
1903 Author Eric Blair (George Orwell) was born in Motihari, India.
1942 Basketball star Willis Reed was born in Hico, Louisiana.
1951 CBS broadcast the first color television programs.
1963 Singer and songwriter George Michael was born in Radlett, England.

June 26
1893 John Altgeld, Governor of Illinois, pardoned three men who had been convicted by a packed jury of instigating the Haymarket riot.
1904 Actor Laszlo Lowenstein (Peter Lorre) was born in Rosenberg, Hungary.

Peter Lorre
1914 Amazing athlete Mildred "Babe" Didrikson was born in Port Arthur, Texas.
1919 Augustus Julliard left $5 million for the advancement of music.
1927 The Cyclone wooden roller coaster began operation in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.

The Cyclone
1950 The Garry Moore Show premiered on TV.
1974 Yankee shortstop and captain Derek Jeter was born in Pequannock, New Jersey.

Derek Jeter
2000 Private-sector scientists announced successful mapping of the human genetic code.

June 27
1869 Anarchist writer Emma Goldman was born in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Emma Goldman
1941 Libertarian science-fiction novelist James P. Hogan was born in London, England.

James P. Hogan
1949 "Captain Video and His Video Rangers" premiered on TV.

June 28
1577 Painter Peter Paul Rubens was born in Siegen, Westphalia.
1776 A draft of the Declaration of Independence was submitted to the Continental Congress.

Presenting the Declaration of Independence
1776 Americans repulsed a British naval attack on Charleston, South Carolina.
1778 Washington's army defeated British forces at Monmouth, New Jersey.
1902 Composer Richard Rogers was born in New York City.
1915 Antony Fisher, financial backer of libertarian think tanks, was born in London, England.

Antony Fisher
1926 Comedian and movie maker Melvin Kaminsky (Mel Brooks) was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Mel Brooks between posters for two of his funniest movies
1941 Yankee pitcher Al Downing was born in Trenton, New Jersey.
1946 Comedienne Gilda Radner was born in Detroit, Michigan.

Gilda Radner
1948 Actress Kathy Bates was born in Memphis, Tennessee.

June 29
1652 Puritans defied parliament by declaring Massachusetts to be an independent commonwealth.
1861 Surgeon and co-founder of the Mayo Foundation William James Mayo was born in Le Seuer, Minnesota.
1908 Composer Leroy Anderson was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
1919 Cowboy actor Slim Pickens was born in Kingsberg, California.
1936 Baseball slugger Harmon Killebrew was born in Payette, Indiana.

Harmon Killebrew
1941 By getting hits in both games of a doubleheader, Joe Dimaggio tied and then broke George Sisler's consecutive-game hiting-streak record of 41 games.

June 30
1801 Political philosopher, economist, and free-trade advocate Frederick Bastiat was born in Bayonne, France.

Frederick Bastiat and his book The Law
1917 Singer, actress, and dancer Lena Horne was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Lena Horne
1930 Sociologist and columnist Thomas Sowell was born in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Thomas Sowell
1936 Economist and columnist Walter Williams was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Walter Williams
1948 Bob Lemon pitched a no-hitter.

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